Modern Aristocracy

Close your eyes and imagine. You are in a room of an 18th century palace, ceilings going up as high as the sky with heavy velvet drapes flowing down, letting in rays of sunshine, dusts dancing in the light. The patterns on the walls are blending smoothly with the gold leaf laminated frames outlining the dark chiaroscuro technique paintings. Lots of old antique wooden big furnitures with jacquard upholsteries. As if you can almost smell the time. The room is overwhelming, it has a romantic feeling but the colors are dark. You feel like you belong to the room, a noble feeling surrounds you. You feel like you can cope with the tall walls and the surroundings but they slowly start to absorb you in and now you are a part of it, don’t be afraid to surrender. As if you are waking up from a very realistic dream, open your eyes now, and bring a little bit of that historical feeling to the present.