Summer Night Fever

Spring/Summer 2022: Summer Night Fever

Dancing in the warm weather reflecting the stars on you. The Spring Summer collection is all about freedom of movement!
breaking out of your chains and letting go. The night is waiting for you arms wide open and it has been a while since you have felt careless and free.
This summer is the summer of vengeance and redemption. It is time to enjoy every minute to
the fullest be ready to compete with the stars with Viola & Vesper's "A Summer Night Fever" Collection.
The collection consists of bright colors, sequins, gold chains and body concious jersey dresses with cut-outs. Tired of
baggy and oversize clothes, this summer we are more revieling, daring and fierce then ever. The main goal of Viola &
Vesper is to enchance the radience women have and make them the center of attention, the birght colors will catch
everyones eyes in the room while transparent sequins will give you a nice glimmer. Gold chains are there for a twist
making the looks edgier and more assertive
It is the summer we break out of our chains and re-start the PARTY !