Modern Aristocracy

Fall/Winter 2022: Modern Aristocracy

For this collection Viola & Vesper is uniting two opposites, the ostentatious antiquity with modern silhouettes. The color palette comes from the pictured royalties in the paintings, adding some pop jewel tones. This is the first collection Viola & Vesper introduces prints. The vamp animal prints are even more astounding in reds and golds. Gold shades are the main color of the collection. The silk fabrics are shades of gold and the animal print jacquards are woven with golden threads . The hand-beaded embellishments boosts up the royalness of the velvets and satins. Balancing out these eye-catching prints with timeless and modern silhouettes, you will recognize the Viola & Vesper women, because she will take your breath away. Shine is the key element to Viola & Vesper dresses so you will find various sequin dresses, from mini party dresses to long evening-wear, rhinestone covered gowns and voluminous pieces. Styling them more classic or out of the ordinary will give the garments their feelings, so you should start by choosing whether you are feeling like viola or feeling like vesper tonight.